Activ Mineral

We at Activ Mineral are passionate about improving the health of horses. Activ Mineral Mix is a Swedish-made highly concentrated mineral blend designed for the active horse owner who wants to give his horse the best and is careful about the details. Activ Mineral Mix is completely free of fillers, added sugar & salt. Activ Mineral Mix contains all basic minerals and trace elements. We have also complementary products for individual adaptation and for specific needs.

Why should I try the Activ Mineral Mix and what makes it different to other mineral supplements?
- No fillers, flavor enhancers, added sugar or salt are added.
- No fillers gives a very concentrated product. Only 1.5-2 tablespoons a day is enough for a big horse! It also gives a very low daily dose price.
- The minerals are organic, in powder form and not heated or pelleted, which facilitates the absorption of the horse.
- The products are GMO-free and registered in the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

By feeding your horse with Activ Mineral Mix you can experience improvements to the horse's health in different ways, such as shiny fur and mane, strong hooves, increased mobility, improved muscles, energy and endurance. The benefits of feeding a concentrated mineral supplement are many.